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Corporate Graz & Grass, a leading technology company for CNG and NGV systems, technological ally of Kenworth Mexicana, Mexicali plant, developed the first Compressed Natural Gas storage system in Mexico, which was installed in the T680 truck, which works with a X12N engine, Cummins Technology with 400 HP and 1450 lb/ft of torque powered by Natural Gas.

T680 CNG



Safety is a primary issue, which is why the SAC-3000 for CNG storage was built applying current regulations, using a bolted structure composed of structural angle steel specification ASTM A36, AISI A36, in accordance with what is specified in the standards.; ET-EN RG-GD N1-1997, CANADIAN GAS ASSOCIATION STANDARD B 149.4 M91 “installation of NGV Fuel System Components & Container are Highway Vehicles for the Motive Power; Technical Specification, cylinder holding devices for CNG and the OFFICIAL MEXICAN STANDARD; NOM-011-SECRE- 2000, Compressed Natural Gas for automotive use. Minimum security requirements in vehicular installations.



The mechanical properties of the materials that make up the support structure and the connecting elements are shown in the following tables:

Table 1 Mechanical properties of the materials


Table 2 Allocation of materials by constituent elements of the support structure

The SAC-3000 system installed in the T680 has a hydraulic capacity of 2,952 liters and a filling capacity of 872 DGE at 3,600 Psi (248 Bar) at 15° C temperature, according to the official Mexican standard, the filling pressure in the CNG service stations is 3200 PSI (200 Bar), that is, 775 DGE, given the technical conditions of the engine injection system that operates between 60 and 100 psi, the useful volume will be 740 DGE.

The SIX cylinders installed in the SAC-3000 are type IV high-density polyethylene, produced by injection in a thermodynamic mold, obtaining a one-piece cylinder, which guarantees 100% airtightness by not having thermofusion welding points. , to later be lined with several layers of carbon fiber, which give it great resistance and proven durability, each tank has an electro valve that is activated when the unit is turned on and closes automatically when it is turned off, as well as an excess relief valve. pressure and high temperature safety valve.


In the T680 CNG the transporter will find the best ally, since thanks to its large CNG storage capacity and Kenworth technology, it will be able to travel long distances with a single charge of CNG, reducing fuel loading time on each route, with a silent ride, more economical and the best; environmental friendly !!!

Natural gas has many sustainability benefits, it requires 60% less oxygen to burn it, less greenhouse gas emissions from 13% to 17% and approximately 30% less CO2 emissions than Diesel, but it is very important to consider that it also of CO2 emissions that by themselves are not harmful to humans, due to the use of diesel engines and internal combustion vehicles, not only CO2 is released, but other polluting gases, chemicals and particulate matter that are associated with diseases cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in large cities.

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